7 Best Trading Apps in India with Zero Brokerage Charges in 2023

Best Trading Apps in India | 7 Best Trading Apps in India – If you want to know the Best Trading App in India then you have reached the right place because in this article we have listed 10 Best Trading Apps in India along with their pros n cons.

Trading Application is a platform where users can buy and sell shares, bonds and stocks electronically by himself/herself without visiting the Broker office. For fast, seamless and profitable trading it is crucial to choose the Best stock market app in India and follow some wise trading tips. 

For investors, traders, and even beginners, trading apps have made it very simple and comfortable to trade in the financial instruments of their choice, such as mutual funds, bonds, and fixed deposits with just one click. 

Evaluation Points for Best Trading Apps in India

1. App Support

Angel Broking, 5paisa Online Trading App, Sharekhan app, HDFC Securities, and Stock Edge are some of the best stock trading apps for beginners because they offer learning resources and expert guidance for maintaining your investments.

2.User Review

Before doing online trading you should  read the reviews of the users and we know the best trading app and problems that people are facing and beware of fake positive reviews.

3.No. of App Downloads 

It is also an indirect method to see which is the most popular trading app in India by checking the number of app downloads through google play store and Apple iphone app store. 

4.Helpful Tools given by App

On-Balance Volume, Average Directional Index, Aroon Indicator, MACDand Relative Strength Index are some of the tools provided by online trading apps to know the predicted changes in stock price.

5. Compatibility

We should check the version of Android and IOS supported by the app and if you have a lower version then you have to update your phone.

7 Best Trading Apps in India List

1. Groww App – Best Trading App in 2023

Groww Trading App with Zero Brokerage
Groww Trading App with Zero Brokerage

The finest trading app in India is Groww. Its popularity is due to the availability of continuous trading in gold, stocks, fixed deposits, and other financial instruments. Groww App  has remained true to its name. The Groww Trading App has a wide range of features, including price movement line and candlestick charts, one-click buy sell, and a huge amount of free content and videos on stock investments for beginners.

Download Groww App and Get ₹300 in Your Wallet for Investment

Brokerage fee of Groww App

  1. Equity Delivery- Rs 20/ Trade
  2. Equity Intraday- Rs 20/ Trade


  • No fees for opening an account.
  • No fees for account maintenance.
  • You may withdraw up to 50,000 every day, or 90% of your investment.
  • It also Provides options to invest in Gold and US stocks.


  • In Groww app advanced orders like cover orders, brackets, are not available.
  •  INR 50 per order charges for call and trade.
  • Groww does not support an NRI account.

2. 5Paisa Online Trading App – Best Trading App in India

5paisa Trading App
5paisa Trading App

The greatest trading app in India with one-click order placement is 5 Paisa Mobile Trading App. This app is available for both iOS and Android mobile platforms. Direct mutual fund investments, purchases of digital gold, insurance, and personal loan applications are all possible through the app itself. Advanced charts with several study & drawing options are available for technical analysis. 

Brokerage charges of 5 paisa online trading

  1. Equity futures- Rs 20/ Trade
  2. Equity delivery- Rs20/ Trade


  • There are no fees to open a Demat account.
  • There is no commission for buying mutual funds.
  •  Single-click ordering.
  •  Extremely customizable app.
  •  Offers analysis and suggestions.


  •  Several users have reported that the app occasionally runs.
  •  Distractions on the app caused by promotions and advertisements.

3. Share Khan Trading App – Best Trading App in India

ShareKhan Trading App
ShareKhan Trading App

The Sharekhan Trading App enables you to trade wisely with live charts that have several time frames (1 minute to 1 year). The Sharekhan Trading App is ideal for both investors and experienced traders. Additionally, it is famous for its full brokerage services and Demat services. You can trade or invest in equities, currency, mutual funds, bonds, IPOs, commodities, and keep track of your portfolio with the help of this app. 

 Brokerage fees of Share khan

  1. Account opening charges– Nil
  2. Brokerage Charge– Nil for 1 month


  • Simple choices for fund transfers include pay in and pay out.
  • There are free educational resources available
  • Trading quickly and efficiently using this top online stock market app


  •     Call and Trade Fees
  •     Every 15 days, your password must be changed.

  4. Zerodha Kite Mobile Trading App

Zerodha Kite Trading App with Zero Brokerage
Zerodha Kite Trading App with Zero Brokerage

The largest brokerage in the nation, Zerodha, offers a mobile trading programme called Zerodha Kite. In terms of trade volume, it is regarded as one of the Top Trading Apps in India and it is available on  both  iOS and Android platforms. Furthermore, Zerodha offers brokerage-free investing, which means that there are no fees associated with buying shares and selling them the same day.

  Brokerage Fees of Zerodha kite mobile trading app

  1. Equity delivery/ Brokerage charge – Free
  2. Equity intraday- Rs20/Trade


  • Even with slow connection, the trading software works great.
  • Seamless interaction with apps from third parties
  • You can choose from ten regional languages.
  • High-quality security measures.


  • No mutual fund trading.
  • Account opening takes a long time.

 5. Upstox – Best Trading App In India

Upstox Trading App
Upstox Trading App

One of the most well-known intraday trading apps is Upstox, which is close to Mumbai. Previously, it was also known as RKSV Securities. They are backed by well-known investors like Mr. Ratan Tata. With price alerts and a variety of other tools, Upstox users can keep an eye on their performance. Upstox also offers timely and useful news updates that are essential to your investments. With an interactive experience, Upstox offers a variety of stock trading options i.e Trades in stocks, mutual funds, digital gold, etc. are also possible.

Download Upstox and Earn ₹250 instantly

Brokerage Fees of Upstox

  1. Trade in stocks & mutual funds – Zero
  2. Equity Intraday & Currencies – Rs 20/ Trade


  • Quick investing.
  • Simple user interface
  • User interface with good design.


  • According to reports, the web version is challenging.
  • No assistance with investments in IPOs and FPOs.

6. Angel Broking – Best Trading App in India

Angel Broking Trading App
Angel Broking Trading App

For more than 30 years, Angel Broking has been in the brokerage business. They provide a range of services to their clients, including brokerage, insurance, and mutual funds. It is considered as the best broking app in the broking sector and it is also famous for its quick order processing and real-time stock updates.

Brokerage Charges of Angel Broking

 1.Equity delivery- Zero charges

 2.Equity intraday- Rs 20/ Trade

 3.Equity futures- Rs 20/ Trade


  • Extremely flexible app
  • Trustworthy and innovative mobile application
  • There are no charges for opening or keeping an account.
  • Extremely quick client service.
  • Ensures proper research.


  • Much higher fees.
  • Software compatibility problems from users.
  • Quite large trading app.

 7. ICICI Direct – Best Trading App in India

ICICI Direct Trading App
ICICI Direct Trading App

ICICI Direct is also one of the oldest full brokerage service providers of India. ICICI Direct, is also a member of the ICICI group. It provides easy-to-use internet trading and investment services for both experienced traders and investors. For services like creating an account and trading futures, ICICI Direct doesn’t charge anything. ICICI Direct Markets simplifies the process of trading and investing by offering a user-friendly app that is rich in features and offers advanced technical insights to help you invest in IPO, stock market, currency, and more.

Brokerage Fees of ICICI Direct

  1. Account opening charges- Nil
  2. Equity Delivery– 0.55%


  • Superior technical charts
  • Data and information that is accurate
  • Quick trading
  • Personalized watch list


  • Difficult for beginners.
  • The login process is too slow, users say.
  • Not a tech-focused app.
  • Average iOS and Android ratings

FAQs For Best Trading Apps in India

What is a Trading Account App?

Ans. Trading Application is a platform where users can buy and sell shares, bonds and stocks by     himself / herself without visiting the Broker office. Trading app also allows the user to track markets, execute the trade and access live feeds.

What Are The Benefits of Using Trading Apps?

Ans. The Benefits of using trading app are:
1. Orders should be placed quickly from anywhere at any time.
2. Real-time and live market feeds.
3. Receive instant price notifications.
4. Simple access to historical graphs and in-depth study reports.

What Documents Are Necessary to Open a Trading Account App?

Ans. Zerodha Kite, 5Paisa Mobile, Upstox Pro, Angel Broking Mobile, and Groww App are best for beginners because beginners take more time and effort to understand the basics of stock trading and these app provide basic features like historical charts, LIVE  market feeds, customer support channels and investment tips.

What Documents Are Necessary to Open a Trading Account App?

Ans. 1. Photo ID Proof- PAN cards / voter IDs /  passports / driving license /  Aadhaar cards.
2. Proof of Address: Landline bill /  Electricity bill / Bank statement / ration card / passport / voter ID.
3. Driving License or registered lease or sale contract.

Does Trading Through an App Feel Secure?

Ans. Yes you feel secure because these trading apps are registered under the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) regulations and you should use the Best Trading App for quick and successful trading if you do well in trading, which always earns profits.

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