Citibank Rewards Credit Card Benefits, Features, Eligibility, Fee and Charges

Citibank Rewards Credit Card Benefits, Features, Eligibility, Fee and Charges – The Citibank Rewards Credit Card is intended for people who purchase frequently. Cardholders can accrue bonus reward points and use them to purchase things from the Citibank rewards catalog and gift cards. To learn more about the Citibank Rewards Credit Card, continue reading. 

The Citi rewards credit card from Citibank is an attractive offer. It is specifically made for customers with a variety of lifestyles. Customers can earn valuable reward points and use them to purchase enticing travel alternatives, high-end goods, and a variety of other things. For the advantages, read up on its characteristics and submit an application right now.

Citibank Rewards Credit Card Benefits, Features, Eligibility, Fee and Charges
Citibank Rewards Credit Card Benefits, Features, Eligibility, Fee and Charges

Citibank Rewards Credit Card Features

  • Spend INR 125 at clothing and department stores to earn 10 reward points.
  • Spend INR 125 on Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra to earn 4 extra reward points. (Offer good through August 15, 2021)
  • Gain 1500 extra points when you make your first purchase within 30 days of the card’s issuance.
  • On monthly card purchases of INR 30,000 or more, take advantage of 300 bonus points.
  • On all additional purchases, carry on accumulating reward points at the rate of 1 point per INR 125.
  • Instantly redeem rewards at a few partners
  • Get 2,500 points when your card is activated.
  • Get 1,000 extra points after your first INR 1,000 purchase within 60 days of receiving your card.
  • Permanent reward points

Benefits and Features of Citi Rewards Credit Card

Welcome Benefits

Within the first 30 days of receiving the card, earn 1,500 reward points on your first purchase with the Citibank Rewards Credit Card.

On a Rs. 1,000 purchase during the first 60 days of card issuance, receive 1,000 additional reward points.

Reward Points Benefits

With both online and in-person purchases at department shops and clothing retailers, you receive 10 reward points for every Rs. 125 spent.

Every Rs. 125 you spend on other categories earns you 1 reward point.

Milestone Benefits

Spend Rs.30,000 or more in one month to earn 300 extra points.

Energy Benefits

By sending an SMS, you can instantly redeem Citi Rewards Card points at any IndianOil gas station in the nation.

One reward point is worth 0.25 Indian rupees, and 1,000 points are needed to redeem one.

In places where IndianOil Corporation is authorized, the 1% gasoline surcharge will be reversed.

In-store and online shopping benefits

With this credit card, you may use your points to make any kind of online purchase or transaction, including those for cinema tickets, travel tickets, or even mobile services.

On the bank’s website, you can find a list of its affiliate sites.

To redeem for in-store purchases at partner stores, you must have a minimum of 250 points (1 reward point = 0.3 paise).

Air miles advantages

The reward points can also be used to redeem membership miles from Frequent Flyer and Air India.

The minimum number of points required to redeem these points will be 100, and 1 reward point will be equivalent to 0.75 miles.

Cashback advantages

With your Citi Rewards credit card, you can also apply your points to the card’s outstanding balance. 1 credit card point is equal to 0.35 Indian rupees.

A minimum of 10,000 points must be redeemed. It is highly recommended to speak with customer service to fully comprehend the credit card’s cash back benefits.

Gift Voucher Benefit

Your reward points can be used to instantly redeem gift cards for top brands that are listed on the Citibank website.

Milestone Benefit

If you use your card for at least Rs. 30,000 in a calendar year, you will not be charged the aforementioned annual card fees.

Dining Benefits

You can save up to 20% while dining at partner establishments.

Personalized services

Hire a personal concierge to handle all of your travel arrangements, party and dinner planning, and other needs. To get started, all you would need to do is dial 1800 114 999.

Citibank Rewards Credit Card Fees and Charges 

Fee TypeCharges
Joining FeeInformed at the time the bank obtained the card.
Annual FeeRs.1,000
Cash advance feeA minimum of Rs. 500 or 2.5% of the amount is removed
Over credit limit feeOn the amount that will exceed the credit limit, a 2.5% fee will apply. The entry level will be Rs. 500.
Cheque return or bounce feeRs.500 per returned cheque
Railway ticket booking surcharge1.8% of the transaction value
Re-issue of the cardNIL
Cash deposit at Citi branchesRs.250 per deposit

Late Fee Payment

  • Up to Rs.2,000 – NIL
  • Above Rs.2,000 and up to Rs.7,500 – Rs.600
  • Above Rs.7,500 and up to Rs.15,000 – Rs.950
  • Above Rs.15,000 – Rs.1,300

Citibank Rewards Credit Card Eligibility 

The following eligibility requirements must be satisfied in order to apply for a Citi Rewards Card:

  • You should be between the ages of 18 and 70.
  • You have to live in India.

Citibank Rewards Credit Card Documents

  • ID Proof- Copy of Passport, PAN Card/ UID, Driving License, Voter’s ID Card
  • Income Proof- Salary Certificate, IT Assessment order, Latest Balance Sheet
  • Address Proof- Aadhar Card, Voter ID Card, PAN Card, Utility Bills
  • Coloured Photographs
  • Bank Statement for the last 3 months

Apply Online for a Citi Rewards Card

You can apply for the Citi Rewards Card straight from the Citibank website

Take these actions to apply right away:

Step 1 – Visit the official website of citibank

Step 2 – Click on it and enter the necessary information to find out if you qualify for the card.

Step 3 – Now fill your Mobile Number, Email ID, Name and other personal and professional information.

Step 4 – After completing all the information click on the Submit button.

Step 5 – An acknowledgement message including the application ID will be sent to you after the documents have been successfully submitted.

Step 6 – Your application will be thoroughly reviewed by the bank before being approved. And a customer executive will also contact you for documents verification.

Step 7 – Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements and provide the necessary paperwork.


What are the minimum reward points required to redeem Citibank?

Ans. With effect from June 23, 2019, Citi IndianOil and Rewards Cards will require a minimum of 10,000 reward points to be credited against outstanding balances.

What is the process for using Citibank reward points?

Ans. They are redeemable online. If your bank has an app, you could do this using it or through your online banking account. To access your catalog and use your points for redemption, you must sign in using your User ID and Password.

What services are offered by the concierge?

Ans. The credit card’s personal concierge service can aid with delivering flowers, organizing parties, making numerous reservations, arranging for travel, and more.

How do I get help with Citibank if I have any questions about my credit card?

Ans. Dial 1860 210 2484 to reach the Citibank credit card customer service line

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